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United States Passport Agencies

Boston Passport Agency
Thomas P. O'Neill Federal Building
Room 247, 10 Causeway Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02222-1094
Public Inquiries: 617-565-6990*

Chicago Passport Agency
Kluczynski Federal Building
Suite 380, 230 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1564
Public Inquiries: 312-353-7155*

Honolulu Passport Agency
First Hawaii Tower
1132 Bishop St., Suite 500
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-2809
Public Inquiries: 808-522-8283 or 808-522-8286*

Houston Passport Agency
Mickey Leland Federal Building
1919 Smith Street, Suite 1100
Houston, Texas 77002-8049
Public Inquiries: 713-209-3153*

Los Angeles Passport Agency
11000 Wilshire Boulevard, Room 13100
Los Angeles, California 90024-3615
Public Inquiries: 310-235-7070*

Miami Passport Agency
Claude Pepper Federal Office Building, 3rd Floor
51 Southwest First Avenue
Miami, Florida 33130-1680
Public Inquiries: 305-536-4681*

New Orleans Passport Agency
Postal Services Building, Room T-12005
701 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70113-1931
Public Inquiries: 504-589-6161 ext. 620 or 504-589-6728*

New York Passport Agency
Rockefeller Center, Room 270
630 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10111-0031
Public Inquiries: 212-399-5290*

Philadelphia Passport Agency
U.S. Customs House
200 Chestnut Street Room 103
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-2970
Public Inquiries: 215-597-7480*

San Francisco Passport Agency
555 Montgomery
San Francisco, California 94101
Public Inquires: 415-362-7681

Seattle Passport Agency
Federal Office Building, Room 992
915 Second Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98174-1091
Public Inquiries: 206-220-7788*

Stamford Passport Agency
One Landmark Square
Broad and Atlantic Streets
Stamford, Connecticut 06901-2667
Public Inquiries: 203-325-3530*

Washington Passport Agency
1111 19th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20522-1705
Public Inquiries: 202-647-0518*

If you are applying by mail, send your application (DSP-82) and your previous passport, photographs and fees (make checks and money orders payable to Passport Services--do not send cash through the mail) to:

National Passport Center
P.O. Box 371971
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7971

*This is a 24-hour information line that includes general passport information, passport agency location, and hours of operation and information regarding emergency passport services during non-working hours.

Agency addresses courtesy of U.S. State Department.

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