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The Bamboo Accent Fountain tm

Sorry, but we are currently no longer making the Bamboo Accent Fountain.

 Bamboo Accent Fountain

The Bamboo Accent Fountain combines a ceramic vessel with a warm matt-brown varigated finish and bamboo accents on the rim to give the feel of a Zen Garden. Natural river rocks and a copper bubbler bring the sound of a gently bubbling brook to your home or office or bedside. The top course of river rocks blends perfectly with the fountain and provides both visual and auditory beauty.

A powerful and quiet suction-cup-mounted 110 volt submersible pump powers the fountain. A watertight electrical feedthrough unobtrusively carries power to the pump. Note that there is no electrical wire trailing over the top of the fountain to take away from the fountain's appearance.

Sound is generated as water courses over the top course of rocks. Bamboo Accent's sound is surprisingly complex and gives the feeling of a bubbling brook. Our water fountain is meditative and relaxing; many also find it a wonderfully natural aid to sleep.

The Bamboo Accent Fountain comes in two sizes, the Mini and the Classic. The Mini Bamboo Accent Fountain is 5-1/2" high; it's top rim is 6" square with bamboo "handles" each extending from the rim by 1/2". The fountain vessel elegantly tapers to a 3" square base. The Mini is perfect for the bedroom or as a sound accent in your home or office. The Classic Bamboo Accent Fountain is 7" high; it's top rim is 8-1/4" square with bamboo "handles" each extending from the rim by 1/2". The fountain vessel elegantly tapers to a 3-1/2" square base. The Classic makes a commanding statement in a living room or office environment. Both fountains are perfect as Feng Shui water treatments.

Bamboo Accent Fountain © 2005 Armchair World

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