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Blue Ice Water Fountain tm

Blue Ice Water Fountain

larger image

Blue Ice in Cobalt Blue
Another View of Blue Ice

Blue Ice is unique in its quiet elegance and understatement. It is not a traditional fountain. Blue Ice tm has a raised matte-black base, an elegant reservoir column of translucent cobalt blue glass and an enigmatic black Plexiglas "infinity" pool that emerges from the glass column. Water fills the pool and gently flows over the sides of the pool forming an "infinite horizon" effect. But the pool is not still. The water surface gently undulates creating an ever changing display. Acoustically, the sculpture creates a gentle sound which is unique in a water fountain and at the same time unobtrusive. Blue Ice makes an elegant statement in both the home and office environment. It is a sculpture as much as a fountain. The fountain is powered by a quiet submersible pump and requires only occasional filling. The raised base of the fountain serves as both a design element and a leveling platform. The Blue Ice fountain has a four inch square footprint and stands approximately ten inches high. You are bound to find our water fountain meditative, relaxing and a beautiful addition to your environment.

water pattern

water pattern
Two water patterns as seen from above

Blue Ice Fountain © 1998 Armchair World
Blue Ice is design patented

Product Code: A-115$165.00

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