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What Should Your International Medical Kit Contain?

A basic, but fairly comprehensive travelers medical kit should contain the following:

Extra strength acetaminophen
Non-prescription NSAI
Cortisone cream 1%
Antifungal cream
Sting relief swabs
Hyperthermia thermometer
Trauma pad 5" x 9" (1)
4" x 4" sterile dressings (8)
2" x 2" sterile dressings (8)
3" conforming gauze bandage (1)
Nonadherent sterile dressing (1)
Tape 1" x 10 yards
Strip bandages (10)
Knuckle bandages (8)
3" elastic bandages
7" x 4" moleskin
Polysporin antibiotic ointment
Wound closure strips (5)
Tincture of benzoin
Latex surgical gloves
Bandage scissors
Splinter forceps
Bee sting kit (by prescription if known allergies)

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