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After You Return

Some diseases may not manifest themselves immediately. If travelers become ill after they return home, they should tell their physician where they have traveled.

Most persons who acquire viral, bacterial, or parasitic infections abroad become ill within 6 weeks after returning from international travel. However, some diseases may not manifest themselves immediately, e.g., malaria may not cause symptoms for as long as 6 months to a year after the traveler returns to the United States.

It is recommended that a traveler always advise a physician of the countries visited within the 12 months preceding onset of an illness. Knowledge of such travel and the possibility the patient may be ill with a disease the physician rarely encounters will help the physician arrive at a correct diagnosis. It should be noted that you should query the physician as to his/her training/experience in travel and tropical medicine as a person with such training may be more aware of travel related illnesses.

in part excerpted from:U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. HHS Publication No. (CDC) 94-8280. June, 1994. pg. 173-174.

Your armchair advisor says "It's a good idea to check with a travel or tropical medicine specialist if you are experiencing symptoms after your return. They have the training and knowledge of disease conditions in the regions you have probably visited. "

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