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This high-speed train links the city centers of London with Paris or Brussels in approximately three hours. Check-in at least 20 minutes prior to the train's departure and be whisked from city center to city center with no traffic and no airport hassles. Choose from three classes of service.

Premium First (London-Paris only) includes complimentary taxi transfer in the arriving city (reserve from Eurostar executive lounge at departure city), fast lane check-in, use of the executive lounge, four course meal with a choice of wines and champagne, newspapers and magazines.

First Class includes access to the Eurostar executive lounge, meal served at your seat, newspapers and magazines.

Standard Class offers value and convenience with snacks and refreshments available at the bar car or from the trolley cart as it comes by your seat.

Fares for one-way travel between London and Paris or Brussels or vice versa are:

1st Class

Standard/2nd Class

Premium First



Full Far















Child Fare






Leisure Rate 14 Day*



Leisure Rate 60 Day*



Youth Open Voucher



Fares to other destinations are available upon request.

Senior fares are for ages 60 and over. Child fares are for under 12 years. Youth fares for ages 12-25 years.

The passholder rate is available with a valid Europass, Eurailpass, Britrail Pass or Benelux Tourrail Pass.

Special conditions apply for refunds and exchanges based on the type of ticket purchased. Please inquire at time of booking.

* Special leisure roundtrip fares require 2 night minimum stay, 14 or 60 day advance purchase and are subject to availability.

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