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Extreme II Scooter

This product has been discontinued

Extreme II Scooter

The latest sensation for both kids and adults. This is not your average scooter. Unlike the Razor Scooter, the Oxygen Scooter or others of their ilk, ours has a rugged steel kickboard frame with a full screwed-on non-slip foot surface. The Extreme Scooter is exceptionally well engineered and is the easiest-folding scooter out there. Its aluminum handle bar post is adjustable to accommodate both children and adults. It has super slick ball bearings and a friction brake fixture.

We use ours for cross-training. We have scooted many miles on our scooters and have found them fast, easy to ride and exceptionally rugged. "Scooting" is great exercise and great fun to boot. We use heart monitors to measure our performance so we can attest to their exercise value.

As with roller skates and roller blades, you should always wear a helmet, knee pads and wrist and elbow protectors when using this (or any) scooter. The Consumer Product Safety Commission does not recommend scooters for children under eight (due to dexterity and coordination issues) and recommends adult supervision for children over nine. Scooters should not be ridden at night, on rough surfaces or on the street.

extreme scooter at rest
Tied to the hitching post, our trusty scooter waits for its next adventure.

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