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Perfect Thickness Adjustable Pie & Cookie Pastry Board & Custom Rolling Pin


prefect thickness adjustable pastry board
" I came home yesterday and there was my pastry board on the porch! Yeah! As soon as dinner was cleared off the table, I had to play with it. I rolled out several kinds of dough I had ready in the fridge. It is wonderful! It made it much faster, easier, and less messy to roll dough. Instead of flour all over the table, it was confined to the board. And of course it allowed me to make perfectly consistent and even product. I expected it would work well for keeping the dough evenly rolled, but I had no idea it would make the whole process so much faster and neater. I'm very happy with this purchase. Thanks again!"
Kim B., Felton CA "

This is the Cadillac of adjustable pastry boards. Get repeatable, even pastry dough thicknesses when making cookies, pizza shells, pastries and croissants. Roll out perfect pie shells and use the custom rolling pin to transfer the shell to your pie tin. Your cookies will not only look professional but will bake evenly. You can't overwork your dough using this board. Your crusts and pastries will be flaky and delicious. And, the pastry board is pure simplicity to use.

The Perfect Thickness Adjustable Pastry Board is 15.5" x 15.5" x 1" and is made of solid birch. It comes with a custom-made, extra-long rolling pin (20-1/2 long by 1-1/2" diameter) that allows you to roll your dough on the board diagonal. Dough thicknesses of 1/8". 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" can be adjusted quickly and easily. This pastry dobord is the best we have ever seen and is a dream to use. The back of the pastry board can even be used as a cutting board.

Making Cookies using the Adjustable Pastry Board

beginning to roll out dough
# 1 - Beginning to roll out dough
rolliing dough parallel to pastry board
# 2 - Rolling dough parallel to sides of pastry board
rolling dough on diagonal
# 3 - Rolling the dough on a diagonal of the pastry board
even thickness of dough ready for cookie cutters
# 4 - Finished dough ready for cutting
cutters pressed into dough
# 5 - impressing the cookie cutters into the dough
cookie shapes ready for baking
# 6 - The finished cookie dough ready for baking
Perfect Thickness Adjustable Dough Board & Custom Rolling Pin
Product Code: G-215$95.50
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