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Hard to Find Coffees

We at Armchair World are avid coffee drinkers. We like our coffee strong and can't remember the last time we had a cup of Yuban or Maxwell House. If you live in a large metropolitan area, chances are that there are numerous specialty coffee stores. So why shop for coffee on the internet? For one reason because you may find exceptional coffees that are not widely available. One such coffee is the premium grade aribica from Puerto Rico that we offer below.

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee

Alto Grande Super Premium is grown and processed at the Alto Grande Hacienda in Lares, Puerto Rico. The hacienda was founded in 1839 and is located in the central mountains of Puerto Rico at 19º North Latitude which is considered ideal for growing the world's finest coffees.

In the 19th Century Puerto Rico supplied coffee to the royal courts of Europe and was also a supplier to the Vatican. This "Coffee of Popes and Kings" almost disappeared from the world markets when the Island was devastated by hurricanes and the harvest was greatly reduced. However, due to the Hacienda's sheltered location, production continued with little interruption.

This fine coffee with a 156 year tradition of excellence is available today. Coffee experts describe Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee as having a "very bright, sparkling flavor and a sweet, pointed aroma." It is uniquely balanced. We love its flavor. Alto Grande is exported to Japan and marketed by mail-order from Sweden. It is also available from Armchair World.

Alto Grande comes in a drip grind (suitable for Melita, Krups coffee makers, etc.) and is packaged in an attractive vacuum packed 7-ounce can. We know you will like it!

Product Code: G-120$11.25 - 7-oz can (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

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