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Professional Whisk Set

We are sorry but as of October 2005 and due to limited demand, we have discontinued carrying our professional whisk set.

professional whisk set
stainless steel wires, weighted whips, red lacquered handles

These professional-calibre whisks are perfect for the chef's kitchen. The wires are 18/8 stainless steel with wire thickness, length and strength specifically chosen for each design. The whisks are weighted for dynamic mixing control and comfort. The handles are red-lacquered hardwood birch for an ergonomic and insulated grip and are hermetically sealed for sanitation. The whisks are rustproof, dishwater safe and made in the USA. Our set contains four of the most useful chef's whisks - a 12" flat roux whisk, a 10" standard french whisk, a 12" standard french whisk and a 12" balloon whisk (pictured left to right above).

The 12" flat roux whisk is designed for pan bottoms and corners. Use for roux, deglazing, doughs and stiff batters. Gives optimum blending with a unique four-wire design.

The 10" and 12" standard french whisks are designed for all purpose stirring, mixing and blending. Use for eggs, puddings, sauces and gravies. Gives optimum blending with a unique 10-wire design.

The 12" balloon whisk is the chef's choice for the airiest meringues, cremes, and folded ingredients. Gives optimum air incorporation with 10-wire balloon design.

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