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The Galaxy Gang

the galaxy gang dolls

The Galaxy Gang consists of six unisex dolls from Outer Space. Each doll is constructed of knit fabric, with soft sculptured eyes, nose, mouth and ears. They are 13" high and 15" circumference (widest body area).

There are six colors of dolls with each having a different eye treatment, as well as name. The individual names are: Cosmos, Comet, Lunar, Solar, Moony and Starry.

A passport accompanies each doll. The outside of the passport reads:

 I'm --- (name of doll)
 I'm from Moon City, Outer Space
 I was given Earth
 Passport in --- (year)
 I can use - Forever
 (signed by a circle, same color as doll)

The backside of the passport has a small photograph of the doll's head, under which is printed "How I Look."

Galaxy Gang Doll
You can own one of these exceptional dolls for your collection or you can purchase one for that special child in your life. Galaxy Gang Doll consists of one doll of our choosing (Cosmos, Comet, Lunar, Solar, Moony or Starry) and an accompanying passport.

 Product Code: D-1001 $14.00 ea

Call 1-800-434-6119 to place your order

Licencing inquires should be addressed to

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