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Actual Photos of a Magic® Tree over time

growth after 30 minutes
after 30 minutes
growth after 2 hours
after 2 hours
growth after 4 hours
after 4 hours
growth after 9 hours
after 9 hours

To give you an idea of the growth process we took a series of photos over time as our tree grew. Note that the saucer shown is not included with the Magic® Tree. Any kitchen saucer will do just fine.

Buds generally start forming within 15 minutes of setting the tree into the crystal growing solution. Our tree was essentially complete after 9 hours. The uneven growth on our tree (see 9 hour photo) was due to uneven air currents in the room in which we were photographing the tree. To get an even tree, simply rotate the saucer (say every 15 minutes) as the tree is growing.

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