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Wearable Art

Elegant Designer Scarf

We are sorry but Lisa is no longer making these beautiful scarves.

Designed, hand-knitted and hand-beaded by Lisa Marie Thompson

Elegant hand knitted scarf by Lisa Marie Thompson

detail of  scarf weave and yarn'Wearable Art' may be a cliche yet it is right on point. The artist has uniquely combined the ancient arts of dyed-yarn knitting and beading into a modern wearable piece of art. The yarns are imbued with colors one would see in the Autumn after a deep rain in the mountains or high desert: burnt orange to light orange; light brownish fall-green to dark, heavy oak-brown; Moorish brown to dark wine-maroon. The colors are moody, sensual and fluid.

Wrap yourself with this soft, sensual hand-knitted and hand-beaded scarf. The 5" long fringe on the 4-1/2" wide , 69" long hand knitted scarf is delicately hand-beaded using small, clear amber-colored beads, multi-hued, oddly-shaped polished stone beads, and opaque Moorish-red large beads. When you wear this elegant scarf the sway of the beaded-fringe makes a gentle, melodic sound. The beads, delicately sewn on the fringe, work so well with the scarf that you won't believe that the yarn wasn't dyed to match the beads.

detail of fringe and bead work
fringe and bead-work detail

Give this incredible scarf as a gift to yourself or to someone special. We know you will love this handsome, uniquely sensual scarf. Due to the way the yarn is dyed, the pattern can never be duplicated. So when this scarf is sold, there won't be another exactly like it.

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