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About Armchair World


What Is Armchair World?

Our company is Armchair World and our "dot com" name is™. We have been on the Internet since 1995.

We chose the name Armchair World to metaphorically make the connection between being at your computer (the armchair) and exploring the world by way of the Internet. By making this metaphor we are not advocating a passive approach to experience and exploration. Rather we view the Internet as a portal to first hand experience and the "armchair" as representing convenience in doing your research. In fact we at Armchair World are runners and Yoga practitioners who believe seriously in staying fit.

Our topics are diverse and our articles are written by individuals with specific expertise in the fields they write on. We have sections on travel, cuisine, psychiatry, science, self defense and history. We think our take on these topics is unique.

In one respect we're like a magazine; however, unlike a magazine many of our visitors don't come through our front page. Those using search engines generally come to a part of Armchair World dictated by their particular interests. We chose to keep our separate topic areas under one roof so our visitors could take advantage of "search serendipity". You may be looking for a food recipe and also find just the answer to your travel needs or learn how a rainbow is really formed.

About our Company Store

Initially, we formed the Company Store to provide a source for a few hard to find items requested by our visitors. We then expanded little by little and now carry a fairly broad range of products - some even by our own design and manufacture. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discovery, have an 800 number for ordering and have a shopping cart system to make your shopping experience a snap.

  • Bring the outside inside ™ with our Armchair World designed and manufactured table top water fountains, fountain kits and fountain accessories.
  • Expand your educational horizons with our science products including our own grating spectroscope kit.
  • Prevent or relieve carpal tunnel syndrome with our patent-pending Computer Armrest.
  • Become a sourdough baking expert with a real sourdough starter, a crock to keep it in and books that explore sourdough cooking.
  • Enhance your gourmet kitchen with our hard-to-find bakeware, baking utensils, kitchen utensils, gadgets, cooks' tools and our own designed and manufactured cookbook holder.

About our Services

  • We have an in-house corporate travel agency and can arrange business travel for your company including specialty yacht and plane charters. Private individuals can book air travel and hotels and purchase railpasses directly through our site. We have over 15 years expertise in the travel industry and are ARC accredited.
  • We are agents for several travel related medical insurances. These include short and long term major medical policies for U.S. citizens and foreign nationals traveling outside their home country. We also are agents for terrorism and kidnapping insurances.

Columns within Armchair World :

  • Louis Guida, Thoughts on Wine
  • John Lyman, Ph.D. Technology and the Human Factor
  • Peter Thompson, M.D. In Transition - a Mental Health Column


  • Craig Chambers, M.A.
  • Gary Fisher, Ph.D.
  • Stephen Fisher, M.A.
  • Louis Guida
  • Richard Guida
  • Bill Hilliard
  • Keith Kirts
  • Mervyn Long, Ph.D.
  • John Lyman, Ph.D.
  • Murty Mantravadi, Ph.D.
  • Alan Spira, M.D.
  • Lisa Thompson, CTC
  • Peter Thompson, M.D.
  • Gary Tremper
  • Beryl (Bunni) Zimberoff, M.A.

Would you like to be an Armchair World author? To submit an article for review, email us at and we'll let you know our guidelines and requirements.

About Our Site Design

At our Internet inception in December 1995, we made the decision to keep our site information intensive rather than graphic intensive. This position hasn't drastically changed. Whenever we contemplate a functional and/or cosmetic upgrade to our site we use accessibility as a major upgrade criterion. Our site is easy to navigate and has a unique look and feel.

Managing Director:

  • Lisa Marie Thompson, CTC


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