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The Healing Arts of Bali

Imagine a multi-faceted Balinese experience combining the healing arts, classical dance, and the visual arts.

The Escape

During this unique excursion you will research Bali's traditional healing arts. You will observe the work of three Balinese folk doctors, learn to make herbal medicines and temple offerings, enjoy three traditional massages, and be treated to herbal facials, hair treatment, and body revitalization experiences. Additionally, you will see a number of Bali's top attractions on several island tours, attend classical dance performances, visit artists and crafts people, attend trance rituals, and attend a number of seminars on Balinese culture and religion.

Your guide is a Balinese, fluent in English, who acts as an entree into the local culture. The experience is organized by Judy Slattum and Made Surya who have over 17 years experience leading trips to Bali.

Is This Tour for You?

Fitness level require: not applicable

Age Groups: adult

Who to Contact

This unique experience is orchestrated by Judy Slattum and Made Surya. Judy first went to Bali in 1978 while on a teaching sabbatical. She has done extensive research on Balinese masks and has written a definitive book on the subject (Masks of Bali, Spirits of an Ancient Drama). Her museum show of traditional Balinese masks has been touring the USA for four years.

Made Surya was born in Denpasar Bali, the eldest son of a Bali/Hindu priest. Educated at Udayana University, he currently performs Topeng, Balinese traditional mask dance, has traveled and scaled volcanos in most of Indonesia's inhabited islands, and is currently translating works on Balinese medicine and religion into English. Judy and Surya were married in Bali in 1986 and continue to live there half the year. Their company, Danu Enterprises is located in Capitola, California.

Judy Slattum & Made Surya
Danu Enterprises
PO Box 156
Capitola, Ca

Escape description and photographs © Danu Enterprises

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