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Omo Valley Overland Expedition

©Irma Turtle

Consider an expedition into Southern Ethiopia where you can meet the tribal peoples of the Omo River Valley.

The Escape

The Omo River Valley is still a virgin environment where tribal traditions have remained unchanged. The women still dress in elaborately decorated skins and the men celebrate adulthood with special colored hair buns.

Meet the Mursi tribe whose women wear huge lip plates and whose men participate in ritualistic stick dueling; the Hamar women, among the most beautiful in East Africa and whose various metal ornaments indicate their marital status; the Karo, known for their body painting and erotic dancing; and other tribes like the Tsamai, Bana, Erbore, Konso, Gabbra and Borana, with equally fascinating customs.

And you'll delight in the unexpected richness of southern Ethiopia's classical African wildlife as you travel through the lakes and parks of the great Rift Valley. Nights are spent camping alongside the tribal peoples.

Is This Tour for You?

Fitness level required: not applicable

Age Groups: children through people in their 70's

Who to Contact

Turtle Tours began 10 years ago with trips into the Sahara Desert. That initial passion for the Sahara has evolved into an equally intense interest for the nomadic and tribal peoples of the Sahara and for tribal peoples all over the world. Turtle tours has been featured in Arthur Frommer's Travel Television Show, Fodor's Guides to North Africa and South America, and has most recently guided a Reader's Digest film crew for a television documentary on the Sahara. Irma Turtle, the director of Turtle Tours, is currently writing a book on the role of ritual in tribal preservation.

Turtle Tours, Inc.
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Escape description © Turtle Tours, Inc.

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