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Travel, Tour, and Cruise Insurance

If you are taking a tour or cruise or if you are just going on a brief get away, then you should consider travel insurance. If you are going to a third world country and especially if you are going off the beaten track, we feel that travel insurance is a must. You can find some common sense reasons below. We represent Travelex travel insurance. When you are ready, get your travel insurance through Armchair World. It's reasonably priced and provides protection for a variety of unforeseen events. The time to handle "what-ifs" is before you leave. If you are unsure about what policy would be best suited to your needs, call Armchair World directly at 310 477-8960 Monday - Friday 8AM - 6 PM PST and we will assist you in obtaining the travel or travel medical insurance that is right for you.

The Armchair AdviserWhy You May Need Travel or Tour/Cruise Insurance

We represent The Travelex Travel Plus travel protection plan. For those taking tours or cruises Travel Plus has components such as Trip Cancellation and Bankruptcy/Default that are designed to protect your trip investment. For the independent traveler, Travel Plus can be purchased without Trip Cancellation and Bankruptcy/Default thus significantly reducing your cost.

Travel Plus Travel Protection Plan

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