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The Armchair Wormhole

Live Cameras and Webcams

The terms "livecam" and "webcam" are somewhat loosely defined and often used interchangeably. We define a "webcam" as any camera whose image information is uploaded (generally via FTP) to an internet site. A "livecam" denotes a webcam whose image information is uploaded in short intervals (generally 5 seconds to 30 minutes) or on a continuous basis.

Armchair World's Artcam

We have a rather unique webcam that uploads images of an evolving water study. Since Armchair World makes water fountains, it seemed to be an appropriate application of the technology.

Armchair World's Artcam


The livecam gives us a unique way to experience 'snapshots' of various locations around the world at essentially the same time. Think of how astounding this would have been just 25 years ago, how far we've come and how much we take for granted.

The Cambridge Panorama
A live interactive view of Cambridge. Zoom in on views.
Pikes Peak Camera™
Image of the summit of Pikes Peak from 15 miles away; updated every minute.
Niagara FallsCam Home Page
An updated view of Niagara Falls from atop the Sheraton Hotel
Steve Mann's "Personal Imaging"
A wearable camera has evolved into a whole field of study!!
Interactive Model Railroad
You can be the engineer...

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