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Amish Friendship Bread Variations

Note: this variation requires the basic Amish batter

Low Fat Variations

Emily Smith writes:

"I have been enjoying baking Amish Friendship Bread for a number of years now. I have found that by replacing the 1 cup oil with 1 cup applesauce, you get a lower fat content, but still a wonderfully moist, apple flavored bread that my husband and two teenage sons go crazy over. In fact I even sent some of this bread to work with my husband and the guys he works with loved it so much that I ended up giving them starters and this recipe too! I have also thought about adding finely chopped apples."

Wendy Hinger writes:

"I substitute whole milk with powdered milk or 2% milk, and sugar free pudding instead of regular. I also use self rising flour instead of plain, nonstick spray instead of butter and sugar to coat the pan. This is good for people who are fighting diabetes and still want to enjoy this recipe."

Another baker writes:

".... Well, I made my next batch of Friendship Bread and this time I reduced the oil to 3/4 cup and increased the flour by 2 Tbs. Guess what? It turned out. I'm most pleased and will pass this on to the rest of my friends who are having the same problem. "

* Note: This recipe requires the Amish basic batter. This is the batter that results after day 10 in the basic Amish Friendship Bread recipe

Amish Friendship Bread Main Recipes and Variations Page

Go to Our Basic Amish Friendship Bread Recipe Page

Order Your Starter and Accessories from Us. (A starter is necessary to make Amish Friendship Bread and ours will get you going if you don't have one. While our starter is a "sourdough" type, don't let this deter you; the sweetness of the Amish Friendship Bread ingredients will be effectively enhanced by the slightly sour flavor of the starter.)

By the way, if you have a favorite variation on the basic Amish Friendship Bread theme and would like us to include it with credit to you, please fill out our feedback form and reference "Amish Friendship Bread Variation" in the subject field. Let's see how many variations we can come up with!.

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