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Selected Sculptures


Jacqueline Piatigorsky

with her comments

Internal Knot
"Internal Knot", translucent alabaster, 18" x 20" 1991
This sculpture is meant to show how difficult it is to reach down into oneself.

Bird in a Cage
"Bird in a Cage", black alabaster, 17" x 24", 1993
The bird says that many feeling are locked in.
"Gliding (Little Bird)", white Vermont marble 8" x 13", 1969
My first sculpture. I had a stone. I did not know how to start. But I knew this stone would become a little bird.
Le Cigne Noir
"Le Cigne Noir No. 6 (Bird with Beak in Chest)" Korean marble, 20" x 9" 1972
I became more daring. With the swan's beak down, he seems to be preening his feathers.
"Fusion", alabaster, 13" x 42" 1975, photo George Sidney
Depicts the warmth of togetherness
"Gasping", travertine, 30" x 9", 1977
The first piece I made after my husband died. As I finished it, the stone filled the studio with an eerie cry.
Big Bird
"Big Bird", Carrara marble, 34" x 21", 1980
I always admired pelicans, and the way they reach back to ruffle their feathers.
"Infinity", translucent alabaster, 16" x 14", 1981
In my seventies I was far from losing the feeling that life is infinite.
Gregor Piatigorsky
"Gregor Piatigorsky w/cello (Two Heads II)", Carrara marble, 19" x 17", 1988
I made this portrait of my husband before my second show.
Kiwi Bird
"Kiwi Bird", Carrara marble, 19" x 15", 1986
With his plump body and his long thin beak, this bird makes me smile.

"Double Infinity", Carrara marble, 34" x 23", 1983
Took me two years to carve
"Piercing (dagger)", orange alabaster, 16" x 15", 1992
My first attempt at growing more dynamic
"Cactus", orange alabaster, 27" x 19", 1999
A more advanced step away from introspection and soft curves
"Lightning", Carrara marble, 26" x 13", 1998
An attempt to express my feelings about the force and speed of lightning
Broken Circle
"Broken Circle", pink alabaster, 21" x 13", 2002
Symbolic of the time when I tore a muscle which, for a while, broke the circle of my activity
Proud Bird
"Proud Bird", pink alabaster, 8" x 13", 2002
Looks up, and reminds me that I am happy to have reached my ninetieth year

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photographs © Copyright 1998-2002 Gary Fisher, unless otherwise noted

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