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World Perspectives

The Time Warp

Introduction to The Time Warp

The philosophy behind The Time Warp.


The Catholic Church and Child Abuse

It is time for the Church to come to grips with child sexual abuse by its clergy.

Highway Dinosaurs

Come with us to the dinosaurs at Cabazon, California. They stand by the side of I-10 as a holdover from the days when California Kitsch architecture was king.

Memories of the Cabazon Dinosaurs

The Cabazon dinosaurs when they were young and under construction.

On Philadelphia

A city can define itself in many ways - some not particularly ready for prime time.

Sari Biro - Hungarian Pianist

Sari Biro was one of the pre-eminent pianists of the twentieth century. As a woman she clearly demonstrated that women can successfully be judged by the same artistic standards as men - this at a time when the highest compliment a woman pianist could receive was that "she played like a man."

Geezerhood, Phase Changes and Futurism

Dr. Mervyn Long writes about this particularly male phenomenon.

The Wonders of Reading the Scene

Geographer C.L. "Kit" Salter uses a late T'ang Dynasty poem by Meng Chio to make a compelling argument for teaching history in it's geographical context.

From Sea to Shining Sea

Gary Fisher writes on the positive aspects of breaking our habituation to unpleasant events.

The Road From Tam Shui

Lew Daniels writes on how nature can redefine an instrument of war.

An Interview with Forrest J. Ackerman

Armchair World's interview with science fiction legend Forrest Ackerman. This famous science fiction pundit has represented many of the great science fiction writers of this century, has appeared in over 52 science fiction and horror films, has been an editor of numerous fanzines and has amassed a major collection of science fiction literature and memorabilia in over 70 years of collecting.

MetaRocks - the New Collectibles

What is a MetaRock? It just might be a means for keeping archeological fragments on the site where they belong instead of in the pockets of would-be private collectors. Read on...

Los Angeles in the 1930's

What happened to the Brown Derby, Perino's, Bullock's Wilshire, and the Assistance League? find out and more...

Reminiscence on the Kennedy Assassination

Vietnam veteran Bill Hilliard remembers the day that John Kennedy was assassinated, what he was thinking and how it changed his life.

Joe Funk - a sketch

Artist and writer Keith Kirts writes about Joe Funk - an artist and master lithographic printer working in Venice, CA in the 1960's and 1970's. In those days 'Iris' was the name of a flower and most would have thought that 'dye sublimation' was a psychological term.

The History and Promise of Jojoba

Find out about the plant which just might become an important resource in the 21-st century.

An Interview with Larry Albright - Neon Artist

How neon technology has evolved from a signage medium to a medium of artistic expression.

Women Inventors

A turn of the century look at women inventors

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