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Sari Biro

in memory of pianist Sari Biro

Sari Biro combined technical brilliance with a rare musical insight. The sound she evoked from the instrument was paramount but always in relation to the intent of the composer. She was a deeply philosophical and inspired artist whose playing helped dispel the belief that men and women could not be judged on an equal artistic footing. (aw)

We will be expanding this site with transcriptions of radio and television interviews with Sari Biro and a rare transcription of a tape made in the late 1970's with Ms. Biro playing and talking extemporaneously about music.

The Sari Biro Memorial Award

Sari Biro by Maria Watts

A CD of Ms. Biro performing the Menotti Concerto in F, The Concertino, Opus 15 by Leo Weiner and the Piano Concerto No. 2 by Darius Milhaud has recently been released by Pearl (Gemm CD 9280) and is available at Tower Records and other musical outlets. Copies are also available through Armchair World. For information and to comment on this website please fill out our feedback form .

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