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Ocean to Ocean on Two Wheels

Two women traveling by themselves across the U.S. on bicycles and camping along the way: This is the 90's version of the way entre into the pre and post baby-boomer years should be -- adventure, new experiences, and being in the physical and mental condition to make a fantasy a reality. Their adventure is over now. It took them a little under two months to travel 2724 miles from California to Florida. Relive their experiences with these journal entries and photos from the road.
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In this prelude to the adventure, Bunni (who will be sending updates from the road) tells us about the ride and her preparations for it.

Week 1: In California

By the end of the first week our cyclists have gone from San Diego to Mesa, Arizona - a distance of 411 miles.

Week 2: New Mexico

Fifty miles to Texas...

Weeks 3 & 4: West Texas

Up and down, weathering the weather and going strong.

Vignettes on West Texas

Some random reflections from the road.

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida

Follow the cyclists as they approach their goal.

On Harassment on the Road

Unfortunately, this is a topic most road cyclists know something about.

Some Statistics on the Trip

For those of you who like to ride by the numbers.

Reflections on the Trip and the Future

What it's like to be back, what's changed, some hints, and what lies ahead.

Newspaper Articles from the Road

Interviews with the cyclists while they were on the road.

You can contact the cyclists by filling out our feedback form and referencing "Ocean to Ocean on Two Wheels" in the subject field.

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