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Ocean to Ocean on Two Wheels

Harassment on the Road

April 19, 1996

Ponce De Leon, Florida

I have not, I think, discussed harassment. We've had a minimum, but we have had some. My worst was today.

In a small east Texas town, Anderson (where the post office opens at 7:30AM), a group of men at the cafe where we oatmealed earnestly inquired about "You're doing this alone?" "No", quipped C. "We're doing it together." But we all knew what was meant. A few days later in Silsbee (just before the soda can incident, another man asked C. whether we "have had any problems?" She ignored his intent and responded in a different direction. "No, no" he said, and clarified what he meant. No, we have not been harassed because we are two women traveling alone. We HAVE been harassed as cyclists.


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