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Armchair Cuisine

Armchair Cuisine is an exploration of culture, memories and experience through the medium of food and wine. Experience memory through the synergy of taste and smell.

The Taste of Memory: recipes, time, place, memory

Food and wine evoke associations with time, place and memory. In this section we present short essays with recipes that might tap into a common consciousness.

About Food & Wine: ingredients, preparation, lore, history

This section contains essays, lore, facts and fiction about food and wine. Louis Guida's column "Thoughts on Wine" is a collection of elegant essays on both the making and the savoring of wine. Among our articles we present a brief essay on sourdough starters - a mainstay ingredient in the larders of 19th century settlers during their migration west. Starters are a "secret ingredient" of some of our finest chefs. They are experiencing a late 20th century re-discovery.

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