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Magic Tree - Packaging
The Magic® Tree

Magic® Tree
A great introduction to crystal growth phenomena and the physics of capillary action. The Magic Tree® is a miniature artificial tree that begins growing ornamental "buds" within 15 minutes and fills out within a few hours. Dries into a fascinating decoration. Non-Toxic. A great gift idea for the "budding" scientist.
To give you an idea of how the tree grows, we set one up according to the easy instructions and photographed it periodically. You can see the results if you like. Note that due to the conditions (air currents, humidity, etc.) under which you grow your tree, no two Magic® Trees will ever look the same. Our minimum order is five trees. These are enough to allow you to compare crystal growth under differing conditions. Or, you can give four to your friends. Magic Trees come individually packaged.

The Magic® Tree: Set of 5 Trees
Product Code: S-120$10.00
Number of Sets

We are authorized distributors of Magic® Garden Products. If you are a store, contact us via our fill in form and reference "Magic Garden Products" in the subject field for quantity prices.

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