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Great Gift Ideas

Featured Water FountainOur Blue Ice Indoor Water Fountain

The Seaglass FountainArmchair World's Sea Glass Fountain™
A unique and special gift

Jade Brook FountainArmchair World's Jade Brook™ Fountain
For a quietly understated feel of the Orient

Zen Sand Garden in Fired CeramicArmchair World's Zen Rock Garden in Fired Ceramic
Interactive, meditative and relaxing sand garden for your home or office - in antique brown fired ceramic

Tibetan Singing BowlTibetan Sound Instruments, Prayer Wheels & Prayer Flags
Tibetan singing bowls, Ting Sha chimes, bells and dorje, prayer wheels and prayer flags

Armchair World's bookholderArmchair World's Adjustable Cookbook Holder
Great looking and eminently practical!

didgeridooHandmade Didgeridoo
Handmade droning instrument of the Australian Aborigines

Porthole HologramHolographic Porthole "Aquarium"
absolutely unique! great for home but perfect for restaurants, aquariums and aquarium stores

deluxe sourdough baking  setArmchair World's Deluxe Sourdough Baking Set
Perfect for the serious baker. Everything you need to make delicious sourdough breads, pancakes and more

deluxe Amish Friendship Bread SetArmchair World's Deluxe Amish Friendship Bread Baking Set
Our gift set for making traditional Amish Friendship Bread

Angel cookie cuttersArmchair World's Angel Cookie Cutter Set
Four angel cookie cutters in a handmade box - available only from us!

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