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Armchair World Fountains
Art Fountians by Armchair World Designer fountains by Armchair World
Fountain Kits and Accesories
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Fountains by Armchair World

Indoor Art Fountains, Designer Fountains and Fountain Kits

Bring the Outside, Inside

Armchair World's indoor fountains bring the beauty of gently flowing water into the home and office environment. Each of our indoor fountains has a unique look and a wonderfully complex sound but requires a minimum of display space. All of our fountains are designed by us and made in our own facility. They are reliable, trouble free and easily maintained. Armchair World fountains are unique and unlike any water fountains on the market today.

Make our fountains a part of your environment.


Art Fountains
The Blue Ice™, River Rocks™, Katherine™ Rebecca™ and Karoline™ fountains

Designer Indoor Water Fountains
Add a beautiful accent to your environment.

Fountain Kits
Our fountain kits including a pump and our complete instructions, misters, underwater lights and more.

If you are an art gallery, store or retail outlet, you can sell our fountains. For information, contact us via our fill in form and reference "fountain retailer" in the subject field.

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Armchair World Fountains
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