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Designer Indoor Water Fountains

Our Designer Fountains will enhance your living or working environment with natural sound and beauty. Each of our Designer Fountains has been created by us and is made in our own facility. Each has exceptional sound quality.

Jade Brook Fountain

Jade Brook Fountain™
bring the sound of a bubbling brook into your home or office
The Jade BrookFountain ™ has a light jade green crackle finish and natural aqua river rocks. The sound is of a gently bubbling brook. ($62.50)

Seaglass Fountain

Sea Glass Fountain™
a gem for your desk or bedside
The Sea Glass Fountain - perfect for love or perfect for your bedside. Watch romance grow with this beautiful aqua colored sea glass fountain. Put a small candle behind your fountain and feel the warm glow. ($99.00)

Reflections Fountain

The Reflections™ Fountain
lighted elegance
The Reflections Fountain - gentle sound and light with a kaleidoscope of color and a small footprint makes it ideal for desk or bedside. ($199.00)

Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain

Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain™
bring the seashore into your home or office
The Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain ™ has a clear glass cylinder with a selection of seashells from around the world. The sound is reminiscent of a tidal pool at low tide. ($89.00)

Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain

Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain™
a large and commanding presence
The Classic Blue Pacific Seashell Fountain ™ has a large clear glass cylinder with a special selection of seashells that complement the scale of the bowl. ($119.00)

Jade Bell Outdoor water feature

Jade Bell™ Outdoor Fountain
perfect for your garden, garden room or patio
The Jade Bell™ Outdoor Fountain is an impressive 19" in diameter and 8" high and can be used three different ways ($298.00).
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