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Deluxe Amish Friendship Bread Baking Set

Deluxe Amish Friendship Bread Set

The perfect gift for the Amish Friendship Bread baker. We have developed a modification of the Amish recipe that begins with using our non-milk-based starter in place of the traditional milk-based Amish starter. By using our recipe and starter you can make the traditional milk-based Amish starter for your friendship bread and have a flour-based starter that you can safely store in your refrigerator to boot! Our starter not only makes Amish Friendship Bread but also makes absolutely mouth-watering pancakes, waffles, breads and more. With proper care it will last for years. We then add a beautiful 32 oz glazed porcelain crock in gleaming white for storing your starter in your refrigerator between uses. To mix your ingredients and proof your Amish Friendship Bread we add a premium imported Bunzlauer mixing bowl (10-3/4" dia, 5-1/2" high, 16 cup capacity). It's made in Poland and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Since you shouldn't use metal when making your bread (it can harm the starter), we include a beautiful 12" hard maple stirring spoon handmade by Amish craftsmen. You save $7.48 over buying the components (G-110, G-116, and G-238) separately and we even throw in the Amish spoon as a gift.


Deluxe Amish Friendship Bread Baking Set

Product Code: G-262$130.00

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