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Porthol (tm)


Imagine an old brass ship's porthole with a patina of oxidation from years in the elements. Now marry the porthole with a state-of-the art pulsed laser hologram of live fish against a reef-like backdrop. The image is 3-D, the porthole is solid, and you have the feeling that you are in a submarine gazing out at a tropical reef. Bring the feeling of the Great Barrier Reef into your home or office!

Now for the specs: The PORTHOL frame is a hand-painted lightweight resin casting and is 14-1/2" in diameter and 1-1/2" deep. The master hologram by Ron and Bernadette Olson was made with a pulsed laser from live fish in a reef-like setting. The hologram in the PORTHOL was then recorded on a silver halide coated glass plate for white-light viewing; the hologram has between six to eight inches of depth. Note that the 2-D photo shown above cannot show the image quality and clarity of the hologram nor the realism of the PORTHOL.

This new and exciting product is ideal for room decoration in the home and is perfect as a thematic element in restaurants and businesses with a nautical focus. Also the perfect gift for the ichthyologist, scuba diver or fish fancier in your life who wants the beauty of an aquarium without the upkeep. It's the perfect holographic aquarium.

Porthol™ Hologram in Porthole Frame
Product Code: H-150$450.00

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