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Handmade Didgeridoos

Didgeridoo by Richard Upper

For thousands of years the didgeridoo has been a traditional instrument of the Aboriginal people of Northern Australia. Historically, the Aboriginal people made their didgeridoos from limbs of a species of eucalyptus tree susceptible to termites which naturally hollow out the limbs leaving a hollow core. Most although not all Aborigine didgeridoos today are made by mechanically boring tree limbs with a drill. These are generally highly decorated and are intended primarily for collectors.

The didgeridoo produces a deep droning sound that once heard is hard to forget. The patterned base drone of the didgeridoo is produced by a technique known as circular breathing. The didgeridoo does not simply use the breath but becomes an extension of the breath and thereby an extension of the person playing the instrument.

Our "didge" is handmade made by Los Angeles artist Richard Upper. He designs and makes his instruments to produce optimal sound quality. As traditional materials such as wood or bamboo tend to crack and split over time, Richard uses PVC as his base material. A proprietary combination of cutting, gluing and clamping steps yields a tapered instrument that produces a full set of harmonic overtones. Each "didge" is sanded, painted and fitted with a traditional beeswax mouthpiece shaped for comfort. The tapered didge is 47" long and gives a deeply resonant F tone. Each didge is signed by the artist. Note that due to a slight irregularity in taper caused by the hand-making process, no two didgeridoos are alike or have exactly the same tonal quality.

Each didgeridoo comes with instructions on how to play the instrument.

Playing the didge is a great way to relax, come down from a stressful day or just simply express your own inner voice. And you don't have to go to Australia to get one!

Richard Upper Handmade Didgeridoo

Product Code: ST-60$175.00
Note: Due to the size of this instrument, shipping is by UPS of FEDEX ground; shipping will be quoted for other arrangements, if requested.

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