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These CD's have been Discontinued

Didgeridoo Music by Phil Jones

Didgeridoo  Meditations by Phil Jones

Pure Australian didgeridoo... This tape is very meditative, has helped insomniacs fall asleep, and is not recommended while driving a car.

Didgeridoo Meditations was created by Phil Jones to help soothe, calm and gently guide the listener to his or her core being: a place of clarity, centeredness and deep peace. This CD was recorded with the spontaneity and intuitive inspiration Phil accesses during his individual vibrational therapy sessions, creating a therapeutic space where a person can reach deep meditative states of awareness and also galvanize intended goals and affirmations. This album was produced by Phil's musical partner, Gus Mancin

text courtesy of Phil Jones

Didgeridoo  Dreamings -  by Phil Jones

This album takes you on your own shamanic journey. The main theme is the Australian didgeridoo accompanied by Native American flute and drum, Pan flute, Aboriginal clap sticks, animal and nature sounds, guitar, Native American chanting and the Hindu OM. Didgeridoo Dreamings was created by Phil Jones with the intention of taking the listener on an inner mystery tour. Phil uses the didgeridoo and clapsticks from his native country of Australia in conjunction with indigenous instruments and chanting from North America, India and South America... Each journey is unique and rewarding, providing the listener an opportunity to explore exotic cultural sounds and influences as well as uncharted territories within the Self.

text courtesy of Phil Jones

Handmade Didgeridoos

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