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A Solo Bike Tour From Plymouth Rock To Cheyenne, WY

She's done the Southern Cross and cycled the Blue Ridge Parkway. This year Bunni rode from Plymouth Rock, NY to Cheyenne, Wyoming, cycling mostly alone. She didn't intend it that way, but that's the way it worked out. Her trip took 43 days, covered 11 states and a totalled 2533 miles.
(Armchair World)


Trip preparations and training

The First Letter From the Road

From Plymouth Rock to Ludington

The Second Letter From the Road

At the midpoint with 1622 miles down

The Third Letter From the Road

Onward through Minnesota and toward Wyoming

The Fourth Letter From the Road

Sent in from Lusk, Wyoming

A Letter from Home

After Cheyenne, the last part of the trip plays out in a truck

Wrap up

Some stats and some observations

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