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The Gourmet's Helper
Specialty products for bakers, cooks and gourmets. This section features sourdough starters, baking ingredients and supplies, baking utensils, food preparation tools and specialty cooking books.
Health Products
Products to enhance your life. In this new section we feature the Air Supply® - a personal air purifier that is just perfect to help avoid a nasty cold or aggravated sinuses on your next plane flight. It's also great for allergy sufferers or those who are around crowds or the sick.
Unique Gifts
Really out-of-the-ordinary gifts ideas. Indoor water fountains so unique they are patented; artist-made diggeridoos; Tibetan singing bowls from Nepal; virtual aquariums; music
Travel Products
Travel related items to enhance the enjoyment and/or safety of your trip. The Plant Sitter and travel medical/first aid kits are featured.
Water Fountains
All of our fountains are made by us in our own facility. They are beautiful and scaled for either the home or office environment. Bring the outside inside
Science-Related Products
Our products are meant to inspire and educate and help bring out the hidden scientist in each of us. Several of our products can be used for a student's science project. We carry spectroscopes, 3-D anaglyph viewing aids, crystal growth demonstrations and more. Our on-board scientist has evaluated each product that appears in this section.
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