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Health-Related Products

Yoga and Pilates Mat

yoga and Pilates mat
Premium Yoga and Pilates mats in choice of three colors

These are premium yoga mats designed to enhance your yoga or Pilates work. They are 24" wide by 68" long by 1/4" thick and have a "sticky" non-slip surface. The mat becomes softer and "stickier" with use. The mat is very easy on the knees - a boon to novice and experienced practitioners as well. It comes in a choice of Hawaiian blue or coral (the lime green yoga mat is no longer available).

As you may or may not know, at Armchair World we use or have tried each of the products we sell. This mat has been and is being used extensively by us for yoga practice. It is excellent for positions when on the knees or when the bones on the top of the feet are pressing against the mat. To keep your mat fresh, we recommend occasionally taking it into the shower to wash it off. Use a mild soap and rinse it well. After rinsing, wring out with a towel and hang to dry.

yogamat in Hawiian blue
Hawaiian blue
yogamat in lcoral
Premium Yoga Mat in Hawaiian Blue
Product Code: HP-161$38.00
Premium Yoga Mat in Coral
Product Code: HP-162$38.00

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The Company Store - Main Menu

How to Order

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