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How are stereoscopic images presented on the internet? Barring electronic means requiring special equipment, the only options are to present the images as 1) stereo pairs or 2) anaglyph-coded (red-blue) 3-D images. The first option requires the viewer to be able to "free view" the pairs or requires the use of an appropriate stereoscope; free-viewing is a skill that takes practice to master - some individuals never acquire the skill. The second option requires "anaglyph" glasses. These are glasses that have one red lens and one blue lens. The best of these are designed to closely match the response of color monitors. You can get yours from us.

Professional Anaglyph Glasses
professional anaglyph glassesThese glasses have black plastic frames and cast acrylic lenses. The left lens is red and the right lens is blue. Lens colors have been chosen to give good results with the phosphors used in present day color monitors. The glasses are comfortable and ideal for viewing 3-D images on the net. They are the preferred glasses for optical quality, durability and comfort.

Product Code: S-100$12.50 ea

Paper Anaglyph Glasses
paper anaglyph glassesThese glasses have paper frames and celluloid lenses. While not having the optical quality of the S-100 above, they give satisfactory results for occasional use. They come shipped in sets of five glasses.

Product Code: S-102$8.50(5 pairs glasses)
Sample Paper Anaglyph Glasses
These glasses have paper frames and celluloid lenses. They are identical to glasses S-102 above. A sample pair of glasses (1) is available in the United States by sending a SASE with $2.00 in cash or money order to us at the address below and specifying Product Code S-105; your pair of glasses will be sent by first class mail on the same day your order is received. We provide this as a service to our Armchair World patrons who want to start experiencing the wealth of stereoscopic imagery now on the net.
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