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Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tibetan Prayer Flags

These flags are flown on Tibetan temples, houses and mountain passes. If you have followed the Everest expeditions you will have seen pictures of the flags flying at base camp. The flags are flown in multiple sets of five colors: Blue for sky, White for cloud, Red for fire, Green for water and Yellow for earth. Each flag is printed with a series of Tibetan mantra chants such as "Om Mani Padme" and "Om Men Rimoshi-Ne." The flags we sell have pictures of temples and Buddhas. In the center can be found the twelve Tibetan astrological signs.

Tibetan Prayer flags are purposely not protected from fading. In fact for the Tibetans the replacement and renewal of the flags is an important part of their ritual significance and ceremonial use. All prayer flags are not of equal quality. Ours are made of rayon. The majority of cheaper prayer flags are made of various grades of cotton with dyes that are decidedly less colorfast and water-resistant. These fade and disintegrate much more rapidly than our premium rayon prayer flags - especially if subjected to rain and wind. Our Tibetan Prayer Flags are made in Nepal. Since they are hand made, size varies from the nominal sizes below.


Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 5 - 7" flags

Product Code: ST-57$7.50

Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 25 - 7" flags

Product Code: ST-58$22.00

Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 5 - 9" flags

Product Code: ST-65$10.00

Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 25 - 9" flags

Product Code: ST-66$25.00

Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 5 - 13" flags

Product Code: ST-67$13.50

Tibetan Prayer Flags - string of 25 - 13" flags

Product Code: ST-68$30.00

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