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Buddhist Prayer Wheels

Buddhist prayer wheel

prayer wheel detailThe prayer wheel combines a mantra "Ohm Mani Pradme" with a movement (mudra). The mantra is cast around the outside of the wheel and the mudra's meditative movement is attained by spinning the wheel clockwise with wrist movement. Inside the prayer wheel is a scroll with the mantra "Ohm Mani Pradme" repeated 50 times. According to myth, spinning the wheel by one revolution will evoke 50 blessing. One can easily attain 1000 blessing per minute by appropriate spinning of the wheel.

Our Buddhist prayer wheels are handmade and imported from Nepal. Our 8" prayer wheel is 8" long with a 2" high by 1-1/2" diameter prayer wheel. Our 12" prayer wheel is 12" long with a 4" high by 3-3/4" diameter prayer wheel.The handles are wood, the base and wheel are copper and the raised mantra is in brass. An internal scroll with 50 mantras are contained in each wheel (removable for viewing). Spin the prayer wheel as a meditational aid or display it for it's beauty.


8" Buddhist Prayer Wheel

Product Code: ST-59$25.00

12" Buddhist Prayer Wheel

Product Code: ST-75$42.50

Wooden Prayer Wheel Stand for 8" prayer wheel

Product Code: ST-70$4.50

Wooden Prayer Wheel Stand for 12" prayer wheel

Product Code: ST-71$6.50

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