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Bon Voyage Coffee Settm

What a great idea! Brew great coffee, cappuccinos, lattes and mochas while on the road. You need not settle for the anemic offering most places serve as "coffee"

The Bon Voyage Coffee Set
French Press Carafe® and Caffé Froth® Turbo

This great set consists of an 8-cup, unbreakable French Press Carafe®, a Caffé Froth® Turbo, a plastic scoop and instructions. The French Press is a superb coffee maker. It is made of unbreakable polycarbonate, has a non-scratching silicone rimmed filter, a stainless steel rod and screen, an easy-pour spout and an easy-grip handle. To brew a superior pot of coffee simply remove the plunger, add coarsely ground coffee, add boiling water, let steep for 4 minutes and press the plunger slowly to the bottom of the carafe to filter the coffee. Voila!

The Caffé Froth® Turbo has a stainless steel rod and frothing disk which turns at 28,000 rpm. It has an easy-grip body and a quick-touch push button located on the top of the unit. A clear acrylic sheath is included for convenient storage. With the Caffé Froth® Turbo you can create delicious drinks at the touch of the button. You will find this set so useful that you will also want to use it at home, in your RV, your boat or in your get-away cabin.

The Bon Voyage Coffee Set
Product Code: TR-130$32.00

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