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The Plant Sitter tm

When you travel, who's going to water the plants? Enter the Plant Sitter. Let this simple device water your plants while you're away. Some people like it so much that they even use it while they are home.

The Plant Sitter
The Plant Sitter

The Plant Sitter in UseWhat is the Plant Sitter? It's a specially designed ceramic cone with a rubber cap connected to a plastic supply tube that is used to automatically water your plants. In use, the ceramic cone is filled with water and pushed into the soil of a plant container; the end of the supply tube is then put into a water-filled vase or other reservoir and purged of air as described in the directions included with each Plant Sitter. That's all there is to it. Thereafter, The Plant Sitter will automatically keep your plant at an optimal moisture level as long as there is water in the reservoir. The Plant Sitter is truly an on-demand watering system and can even be used on moisture sensitive outdoor plants such as bonsai.

How does it work? The theory underlying the Plant Sitter was developed and tested by Dr. Kato of Gifu University in Japan and described in his doctoral dissertation; applications of the theory are in use in horticulture throughout Japan. Simply put, the theory states that the flow of water through the permeable wall of the ceramic cone creates a vacuum within the cone cavity. This causes a flow of water from the reservoir through the supply tube to the cone which replaces the water lost through the ceramic cone. The amount of water supplied to the plant is mediated by the dryness of the soil. If used according to the simple supplied directions, the Plant Sitter will never over water your plants or allow them to dry out.

We sell three plant sitters and a plastic water reservoir (6" diameter by 3-1/2" high) at an attractive price.

3 Plant Sitters with Complete Instructions and Plastic Water Reservoir
Product Code: TR-140$19.95

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