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What is a hologram? It's a special recording of a three dimensional subject made with a laser under very controlled conditions. When properly illuminated, the hologram reproduces light waves as if they originated from the actual subject of the hologram. This results in an extremely realistic 3-D 'picture'. The hologram requires no special viewing aids to see (i.e. no glasses, optical or electronic devices). Aside from their unique properties, holograms are wonderful and magical 'pictures' for display in your home or office.

Because of the very large amount of information stored in a hologram, the actual holograms can't be viewed on your monitor. Instead, to give you an idea of the subject matter of the holograms, we provide 1) pictures taken from the actual holograms and, where noted, 2) stereo pairs and 3) anaglyphic 3-D images. The stereo pairs can be viewed by a process called "free-viewing" which takes some practice to master. The anaglyphic images require you to have a pair of "red-blue" anaglyph glasses which you can get from us.

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