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Baking Ingredients: Bread Dough Enhancer, Bread Dough Relaxer, Sourdough Enhancer

We are sorry but as of September, 2005 these Lora Brody products are no longer made. If you are interested in similar products, please email us. If the demand is great enough, we will consider carrying replacements.

Bread Dough Enhancer tm
Laura Brody Bread EnhancerThis product dramatically improves the rise, taste, texture, color crumb and shelf life of whole grain breads. whether you make them by hand or by using a bread machine. Natural ingredients include vital wheat gluten, diastatic malt and ascorbic acid. The wheat gluten strengthens and conditions the dough and is especially important when baking with whole wheat, rye, buckwheat, barley and other whole grain flours. The ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and diastatic malt act as yeast activators which insure that your yeast yields the maximum rise. Use the Dough Enhancer and do away with "hockey puck" loaves. Comes in an attractive 10 oz can with instructions and recipes included.
Bread Dough Relaxer tm
Laura Brody Dough RelaxerPut an end to doughs that fight back and bake tough. Great for pizza crusts. You can easily roll out paper thin crusts. Perfect for hand rolled breads, rolls and croissants, pancakes, waffles and biscuits.
The Dough Relaxer is made from all natural baker's ingredients and dramatically improves the workability of the dough. Lora Brody writes,

The biggest challenge in making hand formed yeast bread, rolls and pizza crusts is to balance the action of the gluten (the protein in flour that becomes activated by the kneading process and is the secret to making good, strong bread) with the desire for a dough that is relaxed enough to behave while it's being rolled, shaped or braided, and mellow enough to make a soft, rich load of bread with a nice crisp outer crust."

The Dough Relaxer rises to the challenge. Use it once and you'll never bake without it again. Comes in an attractive 10 oz. can with instructions and recipes for thin crisp crust pizza and Lora's favorite white bread.
Sourdough Bread Enhancer tm
Laura Brody sourdough enhancerThis revolutionary product turns an ordinary dough into one with a sourdough taste in seconds. Use it for yeast and non-yeast breads, waffles, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, crackers and bread sticks. The enhancer contains a natural dehydrated sourdough concentrate for taste, wheat gluten to strengthen and condition the dough, and diastatic malt which helps convert some of the starch in the flour to sugar. This is not a yeast substitute; also it should not be used with a live yeast starter. The Enhancer comes in an attractive 10 oz. can with instructions and recipes included.
Why do we carry it? Because you might like to get a sourdough taste in your bread quickly and easily without preparing and keeping a live sourdough starter. How are the results? They're very good but nothing can compare to the taste you get by using a natural live sourdough starter. So the decision is yours! (You might want to get both the live starter and Lora's sourdough enhancer and make your own taste comparison.)

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