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Farm Family and Animals Cookie Cutter Set

Farm family and animals cookie cutter set
21 farm-themed cutters in a bright red bucket

Our farm-themed cookie cutter set comes in a bright-red tin bucket with handle. The bucket is reminiscent of the lunch pails that farm children at the turn of the last century used to carry on their long walk to their one-room school house. The red bucket is filled with twenty-one cookie cutters relating to farm life. You can create your own sub-themes (i.e.., barnyard animals, pond birds, family and house, pets, etc.) or make cookies using all the cutters to form your own farm tableau.

This set is great for family fun and parties. Have your children create their own concept of a family farm. This is the perfect set for keeping your children entertained during wet weather.

farm family and animals cookie cutter set

Our farm family and animals set has been developed by us and is available exclusively from Armchair World. The set includes the following cookie cutters:

1 - 3" farmer
1 - 3" girl
1 - 2" girl
1 - 2" boy
1 - 3-1/2" farm house
1 - 3-1/2" school house
1 - 3-1/2" slanted pine tree

1 - 4" horse
1 -1-3/4" horse
1 - 4" cow
1 - 1-3/4" cow
1 - 1-3/4" pig
1 - 3-1/2" sheep
1 - 4" donkey

1 - 5" goose
1 - 4" rooster
1 - 3" duck
1 - 2-1/2" duckling
1 - 3" frog
1 - 4-1/2" collie
1 - 2" cat

Note: The red-colored bucket described above has been replaced with an attractive matt silver-colored bucket.

Farm Family and Animals Cookie Cutter Set
Product Code: G-404$59.50

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