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Cookie Cutters

Bird Cookie Cutters

Penguin Cookie Cutter Set

handmade penguin box hold your cookie cutters
handmade penguin cookie cutter boxes

handmade Penquin box and 9 bird cookie cutters
handmade box, nine bird cookie cutters

Create your own aviary with our penguin cookie set. These wonderful cookie cutters come in a handmade penguin- shaped box that is cute enough to be a gift on it's own. If you are a teacher, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, mother or father, this is the perfect set to give to kintergarden and elementary school children. What about the perfect gift for your favorite and hard to buy-for ornithologist? He or she will be the envy of their fellow scientists.

Our cookie cutters are great to make cookies with. Easy and fun to use. Bake and create. Do you have a project that you need to plan for but you don't know what to do? Create a bird mobile using clay or cardboard cut-outs. Our bird cookie cutters are fun to use as forms to trace-around and paint or to draw-on.

the birds hot out of the oven
the birds - decorated
baked and decorated

Our Penguin cookie cutter set has been developed by us and is available exclusively from Armchair World. It is wonderful as a gift for yourself or for another baker.

Inside the handmade Penguin box are nine hand-selected cookie cutters.

1 - 1-1/2" dove
1 - 3" duck
1 - 2-1/2" ducklet
1 - 5" Canadian goose
1 - 4" swan
1 - 3" bird
1 - 3" eagle
1 - 3" penguin
1 - 4" quail

Penguin Cookie Cutter Set
Product Code: G-415$23.00

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